Employee Apology Letter


Bob Chadwick

Sales Employee

Johnson Sales Agency



24th June 2013

Subject: Employee apology letter

Dear Mr. Bob,

Through this letter, I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to you for the way I treated you during the business meeting. I have realised that it was highly rude and arrogant of me to speak to you in that manner and I am extending a note of apology for the same. My position as the sales executive does not justify my actions and therefore I ask for your forgiveness and kind consideration.

I wish to apologise for all the pain, humiliations and anxieties that you suffered because of me. Because we were unable to come to the conclusion for a business proposal, I was frustrated and I ended up shouting and disrespecting you. Your forgiveness will surely help us bring back the old relationship that we had. I truly understand that it requires having a healthy relationship between the employees and the employer and hence I regret for my actions and behaviour at the business meeting.

I hope you would understand the matter and pardon the situation. I request you to kindly meet me tomorrow at the office at 5:00 PM.

Sincerest apologies


Ronald Derek

Sales Executive

Johnson Sales Agency

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