Flirt Letter to a Girl

Dear Martha,

Darling since the day I met you, I don’t have any control on my heart and my own self. I fully know and admit that you are truly not interested in me but I will keep on living with this hope that one day you will be a love of my life.

Sweetheart, you are a girl with a wonderful smile, mesmerising locks of hair and beautiful eyes and this is the reason that I love you this much. I am sending this letter to let you know the feelings that I have for you in my heart. I have always heard about true love but I have never experienced it before I fell in love with you.

You know that you look perfect and there are thousands of guys who can kill each other just to be with you but I am the one who will just live for you. With every letter that I write to you, I always write it with same passion and that hope that you will say yes!

I will do everything to give you whatever you want and would do efforts to assure smile on your face. I really love you!

Forever yours,

Leonardo Joe

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