Graduation Letter to Friend

Dearest friend Ronald,

I am sending this letter with so much excitement and happiness to congratulate you on your graduation at Michigan University. I wish to extend a congratulatory note to you for completing your graduation by standing amongst the top three students. You have truly shown signs of your hard work by such an achievement.

Ronald, ever since our school days, I always knew that you are going to do something big in your life. The sincerity with which you used to study and the dedication that you used to show were the sources of inspiration for me too. Your successful completion of graduation surely calls for a huge celebration. The news of your brother’s marriage has doubled my happiness.

I am really happy for the fact that your dreams are turning into reality one by one. I must congratulate you for all the successes in your life and for all the future achievements too. I wish to meet you very soon so that we can together play a tennis match.

I once again congratulate you on your graduation and wish you all the best for your higher studies. I am sure of your continued excellence. I look forward to meet you at the earliest.

Congratulations dear friend.


Joe Williams

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