Invitation Letter for Visa


Franz David

VISA Officer

VISA Office



24th February 2013

Subject: Invitation letter for visa

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to support visitor visa application of my family friend Mr. Smith Paul.

This is to inform you that Mr. Smith Paul would be visiting to me at Buckingham City, UK, from 15th April 2013 to 25th May 2013. Mr. Smith has been a close friend of mine, linked with the family terms. He is coming to visit me for the holidays and to explore the country and its culture. During his visit to Buckingham, he will be staying at my home for the mentioned duration. I will be taking care of his expenses, food, housing and medical assistances.

Please note that Mr. Smith Paul do not have any intention to settle at Buckingham permanently. Also, please consider the following information about the guest:

NAME: Mr. Smith Paul

ADDRESS: 323, Main Win Road, India

DATE OF BIRTH: May 30, 1976

RELATIONSHIP: Family friend

CONTACT DETAILS: +9183929493

If you wish to seek any other details or information, please do not hesitate to call me on 2939293. I can be reached through my email

Thanking you.


Bob Neo

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