Love Rejection Letter

Dearest Peterson,

I am really sorry to let you know that we cannot enter into a love relationship with each other. As we are friends for the last 6 years, I cannot accept you as the lover of my life. No doubts, I have always considered you as an integral part of my life, stepping into a love relationship was never my choice.

The day when you proposed me for the love relationship, I was filled with anger that how can a dearest friend of mine have such intentions. After calmly thinking for a while I came to the conclusion that relationships and friendships should never be destroyed in anger and hence I thought to pen down my feelings in this letter.

Dear Peterson, I do not intend to hurt your feelings through this letter but I want to make you understand the fact that we are better off as friends. The friendship that we both share and the bond that we have built through all these years are surely more beautiful and precious than the love bond.

I am sorry if I have hurted you with my decision but please try to understand that I can only see you as my friend and not as my boyfriend.

Your friend,

Roose Charles

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