Romantic Letter

Dearest darling Martha,

The day you entered into my life, you have truly set my heart on fire. With just one look of yours, I had this notion that I have actually found my soul mate now. At one point I just thought that it was a mere flick as mentioned in those silly romantic novels but I figured out that I was wrong. As the days passed, I fell for you more deeply and crazily.

Sweetheart, whenever I think about you, I just think about that bright smile on your face, those locks of hair to embrace, the warmth in your gentle touch and your beautiful eyes. That day when you entered the class, the sparks flew, my breath stopped and I just wished that the time should not move. I love being with you in your company.

I am writing to let you know how special your presence means to me. The perfume that you wear, the care that you shower and the eyes that twinkle makes me crazier.

I wish I could pen down all the feelings that I have for you I will fall short of words. I love you more than anything else and you mean my world to me.

Hugs and kisses!

Forever yours,

John Leo

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