Student Recommendation Letter


George Leo


University of Nottingham



24th June 2013

Subject: Student recommendation letter

Respected Mr. George,

As the science teacher of James College, I am writing this recommendation letter for Mr. Bob Charles. I have had the pleasure of knowing him for the past 4 years. Through this letter, I would like to recommend him for the post graduation program at your university, as per his interest. I was the class teacher of Bob and I am aware about his meritorious performance in the college.

Bob is the most conscientious and an excellent student, I have ever met in my teaching career. He has always searched for the opportunities and has managed to succeed with great results. The appreciable fact about him is his comprehensive understanding of the subjects and his approach to analyse the practicality of the course being taught. All through his graduation at James College, he has consistently proved himself as an independent learner, studying with immense dedication and sincerity.

He is undoubtedly a type of student who has a strong potential to bring in success. I therefore enthusiastically recommend him for pursuing post graduation program from your esteemed University. For any details regarding the recommendation, please contact me on 3849394.

Thanking you.


Leonardo Roy

Science Teacher

James College

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