Teacher Apology Letter


Ms. Martha Wills

Science Teacher

St. Pauls Senior Secondary School



24th June 2013

Subject: Teacher apology letter

Respected Ma’am,

I would like to sincerely apologise from you for my behaviour in the class yesterday, when you were teaching an important lesson of our syllabus. I am very sorry for the way I was disturbing the class and interrupting you in between and I deeply regret for my actions. I have realised that it was truly unacceptable, childish and disrespectful to behave like that and therefore I am writing this letter to convey my heartfelt apologies to you.

I heartily respect and appreciate the education, teachings and the knowledge that you share with us and such a kind of misbehaviour, misconduct and unethical approach towards a respected teacher like you was a big mistake.

Ma’am you can surely expect an improved behaviour from me in the near future. I promise that I will study with full concentration and will not disturb the classroom sessions and peer groups. I wish to continue to learn under your guidance.

I once again apologise for the acts and I am really very ashamed and sorry for my act. Please forgive me for the last time.


Fred Darwin

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