Emotional love quotes

Your love and the heartfelt feelings are best expressed to someone when you add pinch of emotions and passion to it. Emotional love quotes are such love filled quotes that expresses your immense love and emotions to the partner. These quotes must be framed with the help of beautiful words so that your heartfelt feelings and emotions reach to the reader. Some samples of these quotes are given below.

Sample Emotional Love Quotes

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]Love is the strongest emotion built by trust and affection. Never let your love be wasted on people who does not value, instead shower your love on someone who respects it and wish to always pursue.[/notice]

  • When someone loves you with their pure heart, the way they say your name appears to be different. It is so because in the inside of your heart you know that your name is safe in their mouths. Let everybody be blessed with such pure love.
  • Love has its own depth and meaning. Only the way of feeling and understanding varies from one person to another. Love is powerful when it is meant to last forever.There are very little things in life that can be said and explained with the use of words. Most of the feelings and emotions of the world are best described by a heart which has fallen in love at least once.
  • No matter if a person is strong or bad, weak or powerful. When it comes to love, everyone tends to become weaker and at some point we fall too.
  • Love is that emotion that mixes the feeling of happiness and sadness. Happiness for the fact that we have got someone to spend our lives with. Sadness for the fact that forever seems to be a little time to be together.
  • Love is surely an emotion that is too big and vast to be described with the use of words. It is the feelings that can be best described and felt with a pure heart.

[blockquote]You cannot tell someone how much you love them even if you hire sky to be your paper and ocean to be your pen[/blockquote]

  • Love is not meant to gaze at each other. Love is all about looking together in the same direction and promising to be at the side of each other forever.
  • Love carries some madness with it. But that madness also has a reason behind it.

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