Funny I Love you Quotes for Him

When a girl wishes to express the feelings that she possess for a guy, the best way to do is to send a message. Funny I love you quotes for him are the humorous I love you quotes that are sent by a sender to a male reader to convey a love filled thought in a funny manner. These messages will surely bring a smile on the face of the reader. Some samples of the messages are given below.

Sample Funny I Love You Quotes for Him

  • Do you know the extent to which I love you? It is simple, ever you break my heart, and I will break your jaws. I love you!
  • I want you to be with me during a candle light dinner at a best restaurant. I will then come too close to you and would whisper those 3 magical words in your ear – “PAY THE BILL”! Just kidding dear, I really love you!
  • I love you as much as those fat belly kids love the big bake cakes. I love you.

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]I will love you till the time James Bond will continue to love his supreme gadgets. Just kidding, I wanted to let you know how deeply I think about you.[/notice]

  • I think that I am badly infected by your love virus. Surprisingly, there all no ill effects of this virus and I am being surrounded with lots and lots of happiness. I love you.
  • If ever you will look for a more beautiful, adorable, sweet and a cute girl other than me, I will push you to a Barbie shop and would get you a Barbie doll. I love you and you should know that.
  • I have imagined that being in love with is surely grand. But I am actually realising that divorcing would perhaps be thousand grand. Just kidding, I really love you dearest husband.
  • I believe that there is no difference between a wise woman and a fool when they fell in love. I am an exception, I love you.

[blockquote]See I can’t put a price tag on my love for you but still I have the right to access all of your accessories. I love you the most.[/blockquote]

  • My love for you is a dirty trick that I will play to assure continuation of beautiful girls like me. Just kidding, I love you with all my heart.


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