Funny Love Messages for Boyfriend

Funny love messages for boyfriend are those messages that are sent by a girl to her boyfriend. These messages are filled with expression of love by a girl to her boyfriend yet there is funny tone attached to it.

The tone of these messages is funny, short and crisp so that it retains the fun part of the message sent across to a boyfriend. A few sample funny love messages for boyfriend are given below.

Sample Funny Love Messages for Boyfriend

  • I feel so much love for you that I feel like baking you and having for dinner.

[blockquote] I have lodged a complaint with the police against you for stealing my heart and have asked to produce you in the court of marriage immediately.[/blockquote]

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]Even though I know that you are an idiot boyfriend any girl can get I only want to remember that I love you the most.[/notice]

  • My love for you comes in different varieties just as you cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for me my dear boyfriend.
  • You are the best boyfriend I have ever had from amongst the dozen boyfriends I have had so far.
  • Welcome into my heart my dear boyfriend but I did rather invite you into my home which is larger than my heart.

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]Don’t worry I will always be there by your side in the journey of our life as you dare not move ahead without with me by your side.[/notice]

  • If you want to visit heaven right now then lock your fingers with mine with closed eyes and rest will happen on its own.
  • Your love is like an ocean where I go deeper and deeper everyday but the truth is I really don’t know how to swim?
  • I knew that I fell in love with you and found the perfect man in my life but reality is life is all about surprises and you are one of them.
  • I thank you for choosing me to be your girlfriend but the fact is you did not have much of a choice with the kind of person you are.
  • I am so glad that I am your girlfriend now it is your turn to make me feel like a true princess.

[notice noticeType=”info” ]The glow on my face is because of you as I burnt your pocket yesterday by shopping for beauty products. Thank you so much for all your expensive love for me.[/notice]

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