Funny Love Messages for Friends

Funny love messages for friends are those messages that a friend send to other friend in order to express their love and care for them. These messages are not only funny but also filled with lots of affection from the sender to the receiver.

Sample Funny Love Messages for Friends

  • It has been so long since we have been friends that I have forgotten my name but remember yours all the time.

[blockquote]You are the only true friend in my life who has walked along with me while I was watching other friends.[/blockquote]

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]Well you are one friend of mine who does not let me do funny things alone but joins in to make the most of life.[/notice]

  • Here is a love message for you my dear friend but I thought I will keep it short to make sure you are not bored reading it.
  • You friends are like the droplets of water that has filled the bucket of life, but the truth is you guys have used me like a bucket to fill your water. Anyway love you all.
  • Just as love is indispensable for friendships so are you in my life my dear friend.
  • Friends are ones who give pain at times and pleasure at times, but what I have realized is both are precious for my life.
  • You are such a friend who bugs me even when I say that I don’t need you as you really know to read between the lines.

[notice noticeType=”info” ]I see a true friend in you with all the disagreements we agree on and all the fights we gladly carry on. Love you for being such a gruesome friend.[/notice]

  • Sometimes friends like you are so important as they start nagging like a mother-in-law does but truly love you even in distress.
  • The best things that has happened during our entire term of friendship is the silly fighting, crazy scolding and of course the stupid patching up.
  • Friendship has no boundary until you made me realize how foolish I was in thinking so. Love you my dear friend for showing it to me.
  • In our relationship I know for sure that one of us is always right and I am sure you agree it’s me.

[blockquote] Your friendship is like a gum to me that refuses to come off even when I don’t want to be stuck. Thanks for your love and being such a gummy friend.[/blockquote]

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