Funny Love Messages for Husband

Funny love messages for husband are ones that are sent by a wife to her husband to express love in a funny manner. The tone of these messages is witty and filled with love and affection at the same time.

A wife can send these messages to the husband along with some flowers or chocolates to make it even more interesting for the receiver.

Sample Funny Love Messages for Husband

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]A marriage between a man and a woman is always successful when the man goes deaf on listening to his wife and the woman turns blind to the acts of her husband.[/notice]

  • A historian is one of the best husbands a woman can get as life becomes more interesting when age passes-by for the husband.
  • The golden rule to a good married life is the acceptance of a husband that his wife is always right.
  • I never had the need to have a pet at home as my husband fulfills all that a pet is meant for.
  • I am glad that I am blessed to get a husband like you who is not only rich but stupid as well.
  • The funniest part of marriage for a woman is to live with an incompatible husband yet feel happy about being married.
  • Right now I am looking at the most stunning and charming person in my life. Did you think it’s you I am talking about my dear husband, sorry but I was looking in the mirror.

[blockquote]I am waiting for you to come back home so badly as all my dishes are lying there in the kitchen just for you to come and wash them clean.[/blockquote]

  • My dear husband if you think I am funny then beware I might just think of treating you like a joke.
  • It is so funny that until I met you and married you my dear husband I did not realize how big an ass I am.
  • Well the only place I love to go fishing is my husband’s pocket where he hides all his credit cards.
  • Marriage is just like a live workshop where a man works for providing shopping to his woman.
  • Oh I never thought I will get a blind date with my own husband.

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]A married man who wishes to live happily with his wife should keep his bank account open and mouth closed forever.[/notice]

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