Funny Love Quotes for Friends

There are variety of messages and quotes that are exchanged between friends. These can be sent to greet, communicate, wish, entertain or inspire your dear friends. Funny love quotes for friends are the humorous quotes that are sent to your friends to express you love and feelings towards them. These messages must be framed in the most comical manner so that your friends are entertained by a funny love you quote that you have delivered.

Sample Funny Love Quotes for Friends

  • Dear friend, if you think that I love you then you are in the biggest misconception. I just wanted to seek your help for the examinations. Just kidding, I value you and I wish to thank you for your selfless efforts.
  • Dear friends, romantic love is surely a mental illness that is faced by two mental humans. I want to warn you before that ever if you fall in love, I will break my friendship with you.

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]Dearest friend, it was me who thought that falling in love and getting married to the same person is surely grand. You were right and now I am realising that getting divorced would surely be thousand grand.[/notice]

  • Dear friend, ever if you fall in love, there would be no visible difference between you and a fool.
  • You are a dearest friend of mine whom I love to such an extent that I will keep holding your hand till the time it’s sweaty.
  • You are such a dear friend to me that I cannot put a price tag on the love that I have for you. The funniest part is that I still have the rights to access all of your accessories. Just kidding, I love you buddy.
  • Dearest friend, love to us is just a dirty trick that we play on our opposite sexes to assure continuation of the rock stars like us.
  • When you fall in love, both of the people are inevitably disappointed. It is so because a girl falls in love with a guy thinking they will change and guys fall in love with a girl thinking they will never.

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]Relativity in love is like if you put your hand on a stove for 1 minute, it seems like an hour. And then you sit with a hot girl by your side for an hour, it is seems like a minute.


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