Funny Love Quotes for Husband

Every couple, be it a husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend or two individuals who are dating like to exchange love messages among themselves. These quotes or messages have a message of love from the sender and for the recipient. Some of these messages may even be humorous in nature. Funny love quotes for husband are those love quotes which a woman writes for her husband in a funny way. Given below are a few examples and samples of funny love quotes for husband that can be used for the purpose of reference.

Sample Funny Love Quotes for Husband:

[blockquote]You are not only my partner for life but you also have been my partner in crime. In sadness, in happiness, in mischief and in fun, you have always been there for me. I love you dear husband for all the craziness that you bring into my life.[/blockquote]

  • Life would be so dull without your crazy ways, the silly days, the long stupid conversations and the drunkard nights. I love you loads for all of these and more. I love you dear hubby.
  • My husband is not only my partner for life but is a friend who I love to annoy and irritate. Hope you never get bored of my silly habits and always be with me. I love you dear husband.
  • Dear husband, life has been super miserable without you around, it has been dull and boring but since I promised on the wedding day that I will always love you, I have to love you. Jokes apart, I cannot imagine life without you. God bless.

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]My love for you doesn’t stem from the fact that you are there for me but from the fact that you are as crazy, silly, irritating, funny and annoying as I am. Thanks for being my true life partner and soul mate. I love you husband.[/notice]

  • My husband may not be the strongest man around, neither may he be the sharpest guy. But he is funny and makes me laugh like mad and this is what I like about him. Love you loads dear hubby.
  • If you ever look at another woman again, I would not go away but will stick around and teach you a lesson. I am sure this warning is enough for you to stop flirting around. Jokes apart, I love you a lot.

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