Funny Love Quotes for Wife

A husband can express love to his wife in variety of ways. This can be done by sending messages, text messages, SMS messages etc. Funny love quotes for wife are the humorous love quotes that are framed and sent by a husband to his wife and are sent to convey his love for her. These quotes are sent to entertain a wife by showering your love on her. The quotes are expressive of the love and gentle feelings that a husband possesses for his wife.

Sample Funny Love Quotes for Wife

  • A husband who tells his wife that he loves her all the time is indeed the biggest liar ever. Just kidding darling, you are there in my mind all the time and you are the reason behind my shine. I love you.

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]I think I was already halfway in love with you when I started listening to you and your supreme orders. Wife, I just wanted to cheer you up. I love you and I will always respect you with the bottom of my heart.[/notice]

  • My love for you is surely a gentle promise that I will deliver you in a broken manner. Just kidding, please smile for me. I love you and you are an only one holding my heart’s key.
  • Dearest wife, since that day I have fallen in love with you, I feel myself in a biggest financial crisis ever. No wonder how much I earn, you will keep on spending the money now and forever. I love you.
  • Dearest darling, I have started realising that spending time with you at home is even more torturous than facing that angry boss at office. Just kidding, I wanted to boost your mood. I love you a lot and I am deeply thinking about you.
  • I really know that your love for me will last till the time the money in my wallet lasts. Just kidding, I value the immense love that you have for me and you are the best wife for me to be. I love you sweetheart.

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]You are surely my sweetheart but I really need a break and want to stay apart. Enough of love filled days spent with you, it is the time to love someone new. Just kidding dearest wife, I will love only you.[/notice]

I think the love that I have for you is no less than a mental illness. I love you

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