General Love Messages

Love is marked as a beautiful emotion that develops with a mutual attraction between two people. People who are in love exchange messages with each other.

General love messages are such type of messages that are sent by the sender to his or her counterpart to shower his love. These messages are the general messages that can be exchanged between friends and family members.

The messages are framed in a beautiful manner to explain the meaning and significance of love to the reader. Such messages must be framed in a polite and an appealing manner so as to express your love thought. Find some sample of these messages below.

Sample General Love Messages

[blockquote]It is the love between two people that keeps them together. Love is that beautiful emotion that is marked by moments of happiness and laughter.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]Love means holding on to a person even at the times of his sorrow. Love means greeting a person with a beautiful today and a wonderful tomorrow.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]Love begins when two pairs of eyes meet each other. With time, love grows fonder and fonder. Love is when you make a promise to your partner that you will love him now and forever.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]My love for you is the one wherein I will put your name on the brightest star. I would love you even when you will be far. One thing about which I am sure, my love for you would always remain this pure.[/blockquote]

  • Love is a purest blessing that develops between two people promising to be one. Love is marked by moments of joy, laughter and fun.
  • If I can search for a reason to live, the reason would be you. I promise that I would always love you.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]The love that I have for you is the love so fresh and new. I wish I could hold you close so that I can love you all through. I love you![/notice]
  • Loving a person does not mean loving him only at the times of fun. Loving someone means loving a person when he has none.
  • Love means greeting a person with a good today and making a promise for a best tomorrow.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]I love you with a passion that I hear the whispering of the birds and they just talk about you. I never knew what love is till the day I found you. I really love you.[/notice]

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