I Love You Love Quotes for Her

I love you love quotes for her are the sweet loving quotes that are sent by a sender to his partner out of the immense feeling of love and care for her. These quotes are framed beautifully to let your partner know about your true feelings of fondness towards her. These types of quotes must be framed using loving words and can be sent through greetings, SMS or other means.

Sample I love you Love Quotes for Her

  • Ever wondered how much I love you? Whenever it rains, start counting the rain drops that fall on your hand. The number of rain drops that you counted is the amount of love that you do and the leftover rain drops tells the intensity of love that I do to you. I love you.

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]You are the sweetest, loving, caring and the most understanding partner anybody can ever get. I cherish the day when I saw your pretty face and the day we met. I love you for everything that you do; this love is the favourite thing for me that I will always pursue. I love you.[/notice]

  • My love for you has no happy ending. I love you in such a way that I want to make each and every day exciting. I love you a lot; you are a princess of my heart.
  • Today I love you, tomorrow; I will love you more and will continue to love you through. My love for you will last forever; you are the one who fills my life with happiness and cheer. I love you.
  • A gentle smile from you beautifies my day. A warm hug from you is a peace to me always. When you are by my side, I get an assurance that love between us will stay, I love you and I am in love with your pretty face.
  • You are born with a beautiful heart and a beautiful soul. I love you in the kindest way and of it I am so sure. Promise me that you are not going to leave me ever; I can’t manage to live without you my dear. I love you sweetheart and I will love you forever.

[blockquote]I wish you were here so that I could hug you tight. I wish if the moment could stop and I could make everything alright. I love you the most. [/blockquote]

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