I love You Love Quotes for Him

“I LOVE YOU”, the three words that conveys all the feelings of a person that he or she wants to convey to his beloved. I love you love quotes for him is a way to express sender’s immense feeling of love for her husband, boyfriend or a fiancé. These quotes are sent and framed to express your fondness towards your partner and are expressive of the profound feelings that you have for him

Sample I love you love Quotes for Her

  • I want you to know, I may not deserve you but you deserve my love, I will love you more than your dad. I will take care of you more than your mom; I will understand you like your best friend. I just wanted to let you know that I really love you and my love for you won’t ever end.
  • I walked up to you, to start something new. I held your hand, so that together we can stand.

[notice noticeType=”info” ] I looked into your eyes, my heart rolling like a dice. Out of words, yet full of thoughts. This is just a gesture from me to you to tell you that I am going to love you all through.[/notice]

  • With you, I have spent the best of my moments. You are my life partner with whom I want to spend my life with. I really love you a lot.
  • I love you for everything that you have done for me. It is your presence that makes me feel happy and glee. I wish to tell you that I get different feeling when you are around; you are the best person that I have found. I really love you.
  • My love for you has no limits. My life without you appears to be incomplete. You are born with every good quality, I promise that I will love you till eternity. I love you.
  • Whenever you are around, I get the feelings of positivity. I can trust on you whenever I will be in any kind of difficulty. I want to take this opportunity to let you know that our love for each other will last till eternity. I love you the most.

[blockquote]My heart contains so much love for you that it cannot be described in the space so few. I will love you with the feelings so fresh and new and I will keep on adoring you. [/blockquote]

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