I Love You Messages for Boyfriend

I love you messages for boyfriend are the mode of expressing your love for your boyfriend. These messages are the way to express your feeling to the love of your life.  You can send these messages as a SMS on the mobile of your boyfriend or the message can also be delivered as an email.

You can write this message on a beautiful love card or can post it on a social media platform like twitter and facebook. Select the medium and let your heart pour out in the form of these sweet love messages. Some samples of these messages are given below for reference.

Sample I Love You Messages for Boyfriend

  • I am your girl you are my guy, I am your love you are my life. You are the one who gives me cute hugs and I am always pulled with your tugs. I love you Boy, you have filled my world with love and ecstasy.
  • With you I can be what I am; with you I can have loads of Fun. With you I can cry like a child with you I can go out all wild. With you I can be moody and grumpy; with you I can all be bouncy and jumpy. With you I can smile in sorrow and with you I can always lend and borrow. I love you sweetheart and you are the love of my life.
  • True love never changes, true love never fades. True love never stops and it has got numerous shades. True love transforms and transcends, true love can break useless trends. True love inspires, true love motivates; True love can wipe off every kind of hate. I love you sweetheart!!
  • You give me strength, you give me love. You give me laughter’s you give me hugs. You give me luck, you give me pluck; you give me courage and you give me a true reason to live. Love you boy and thank you for being my life.
  • Love is all about adjusting and making new ways, love is all about living each day. Love is all about fighting and sharing, love is all about giving and caring. Love is all about laughter and joy; love is all about giggle and enjoy. Love is all about sharing the pain and love is all about walking together in the rain. I love you!!

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