I Love You Messages for Ex-Boyfriend

Are you afraid to inform your ex-boyfriend that you still love him, then I love you messages for ex-boyfriends can be used. You can express your love and feeling through loving SMS’s or cute emails. An I love you card can also carry your message to your ex-boyfriend. You can tell him that how much you miss him and you have realised that you cannot live life without him.

Send I love you messages to undo your break-up and live your life again with your ex-boyfriend. These messages can also be sent to your boyfriend on facebook, Twitter and other social platforms directly. So without any delay select the most suitable words and let your love flourish again.

Sample I Love You Messages for Ex-Boyfriend

  • My heart does not desire to stop loving you, it rather want you to love me again, I do not want to leave you and move on, rather I would like to hold your hand and walk. My tears are waiting that you come and wipe them off and the wound of my heart are waiting for you to come and fix it. I want you to forget the past and start a fresh beginning. I love you and cannot live this life without you.
  • I know that forgetting the past and forgiving my mistakes is not easy, but I still request you to give me another chance to make it up. My life is no life without you and I do not want to live it when you are not around. Please come back to me and be with me again. I love you!!
  • If it is wrong to still love my ex-boyfriend then you come back and correct it by removing ‘ex’ from my boyfriend. Love you a lot!!
  • The hope that you will come back keeps me alive, the hope that you will love me again keep me alive. The hope that you will forgive me keeps me going and the hope that we will again be together keeps each day growing. I still love you more than my life.
  • I request you to forget the day when we decided to split and try remembering the day when we promised each other that we will always love and live together. Please come back Honey, I love you.
  • I know that my future is with you and the past that has kept us apart would be past again. I can never stop loving you, come back darling and let’s have a fresh start again. `

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