I Love You Messages for Kids

I love you messages for kids are those messages that are sent by a person to a kid to express their love, care and concern. These types of messages can be sent to kids by their parents, relatives, teachers and other elders. These messages are framed with the use of simple words and are kept short and sweet.

SampleĀ I Love You Messages for Kids

  • I love when you cry and scream my name. Dearest kid, you are so brilliant and we are sure of your fame. We love you for all the cute little things that you do, we promise that we will always be with you. Love you!
  • You have got a prettiest face. Being with you are the moments that I will forever embrace. I wish you stay happy always, may you stay this adorable during all the upcoming days. I love you dearest kid!
  • A big and a sweet kiss from your dad and mom. We wish you experience all the happiness is the days that are yet to come. We love you for all the times of laughter and fun, you are our dearest son. We love you child!
  • Everything in you is so nice, oh dear child! Getting you was the best thing to find. We love you with all our heart.
  • A kid so sweet like you deserves a big bear hug. With this message, I am sending you a teddy mug. Always remember that we love you the most, to us you will always remain this close. We love you!
  • Dearest kid, you are like a shining star; you are our lovely superstar. You will always have a special place in our heart, you are our sweetest heart. We love you princess!
  • Dearest kid, our treasure is you. We wish you all the best as you walk through. To us you are so dear, we deeply love you.
  • With your pretty eyes and the lovable face, you look so cute always. You are a kid who is one of a kind, every parent wishes to have you as their child. We love you Ben!
  • I love to spend my time, playing with you. I love the moments when you make me feel young and new. You are so dear to me; you are a dearest child to me. I love you my kid!

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