I Love You Messages for Son

I love you messages for a son is the expression of love from the parents. With age we stop expressing our love, but it is never late to say to your son that you love him the most. A parent-son relationship is the most cherished and long-lasting relationship in this world.

Select the best words and let your son know that he means the entire world to you. You can send your son a love coated message through SMS, emails or in the form of a card. Let the unspoken father-son or mother-son relationship get the word of love and expression.

Sample I Love You Messages for Son

  • You are the best son in the world and you have always made me feel proud. I love you son!!
  • Your love always frees us from every kind of sadness and sorrow and your father and me love you as if there is no tomorrow. I love you Boy!!
  • There is an endless love which flows for you; our feelings for you know no-boundaries.  You have always respected us and your care and affection has no limits. Thank you son for being the best son in the world. We love you more than our lives.
  • We are fortunate to get a flawless son like you. Your love for us is endless and your care and concern for us is limitless. Always be the way you are. Love you darling!!
  • You are the centre of our life; you have brought me close to my wife. I have always been a proud father as your love has always been there for me dear. Love you Son, you are simply the best!!
  • You are nice and naughty, you are cute and impish. You are caring and sharing, you are giving and daring. You are the best son in the world and we love you everything that you do. Love you son!!
  • Our good luck and blessings from God has given a Son like you. We cannot imagine a better child like you. Love you Son.
  • You are wise and intelligent, you are charming and handsome. You are inspirational and hard working you are daring and laughing. Love you Son for being the part of our family and life.
  • You are the handsome prince of our life who makes us feel like a king and queen. I love you Son you are my prince charming!!
  • Like an anchor you hold our lives and family together. Thank you son for the lovely child you have always been. We love you!

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