I Love You Card Messages

Whenever you want to express your love to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife or to your life partner you may send them a card that conveys your feelings. The messages contained in such cards are what we will call the ‘I Love You Card Messages’. These types of messages must have a loving and caring tone. Samples of these messages are given below for reference.

Sample I Love You Card Messages

  • You bring lightness to my heavy berated days; you bring a smile to my sad heated face. You make every moment in every day worth being the best version of me because you deserve the best of all the worlds. There’s nothing more to say for it is obvious- I LOVE YOU.
  • They say that destiny is nothing but the result of a human beings herd work. The hard work to make a bridge to reach to the one they are meant to be with. I am so glad that my bridge led to you and yours to me. Love You Baby, love you loads.
  • Whenever I am sad you make me smile, whenever I am worried you somehow take them all away, whenever I am happy you magnify it a million times. I never want to imagine being without you because you are the love of my life. Love You.
  • Just like the their true impact of some actions that are hard to explain can be felt by the heart; some words can’t be said out loud but their true meaning is clearly visible in the eyes- people may sum up their love in the words- I Love You, but loves true worth is realised only when it is experienced every moment of the time.
  • Dear Love, you are amazing but you are crazy; you are a blur but you are my baby; you are great but you are also lazy. You may not be difficult but you definitely not easy. But whatever, wherever and however you are- you are mine to Love.
  • We were best friends back in the day- I still remember us playing the games, doing our homework, fighting over food and teasing each other. But today you are not my friend; instead you are at the special place where my friend and the love of my life culminate into one. You are the one baby and I Love You with all my heart and soul.

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