I Love You Messages for Ex Girlfriend

I love you messages are sent usually to the ones we love, commonly at present, but is never limited to the persons whom you have adored in the past. Through this message the readers are reminded about their worth and why we look forward to another day that somewhere out there, be it in the far reaches of of the earth or within your reach, hides a personality which is enough to lighten up a cloudy day. If your relationship with your ex girlfriend is not at all bitter then you may want to send her I love you messages without saying the words I love you. There are a million ways to express your love with the absence of those words.

This article gladly offers sample I love you messages for your ex girlfriend which comes without any cost. Simply pick one or two messages you find below, if you see there is a need in rewording and rephrasing you have all the liberty in doing the act. Although rewording and rephrasing are suggested to establish ownership in the letter, it is important to be careful in choosing the appropriate words to set the tone of the message just right. The tone should be affectionate, loving, and caring.

  • Hello, pretty lady, although we didn’t work out your existence alone inspires hope to grow considering the wretch that is my state. I hope you have taken care of yourself now that I’m no longer there to take care some parts of you. There is this happy feeling in me that wants to see your heart burst with rapture and I came across your path last week and saw how happy you are with the guy. I truly thought that my heart would break from such a sight, instead it cracked a smile knowing that you are with someone else who takes very good care of you. My only wish for you is that your joy continue to live as long as your here in earth.


  • Beautiful things never last very long– well, this is how I had perceived things, at the very least. Looking at you now made me realize that the latter is not entirely true at all and you are immune to that. You had been beautiful from the moment we were together and are now beautiful more than ever. I hope you are doing well in your life and that all your wish come true. Don’t forget to feed your tummy from time to time for I have noticed you have been skipping your breakfast. Be merry for today and tomorrow, more so.


  • Who would  have thought that my lover from the past and my best friend for today would look so charming for her date for tonight? All of this is so new to me or you never really bothered with dressing up elegantly and adding more beauty to that already beautiful face. Don’t get me wrong but I consider this a good new. I can only imagine how lucky the guy you will be dating with, and happy that you are so excited. It makes me back to how innocent your smile when we were still together, and I thought that was the time that you were happiest. Now I get to see that smile again and, although I’m a little jealous of the guy that you will be dating tonight, I am really happy knowing that you are on the zenith of your happiness. I hope everything turns out great!


  • Look who used to be a damsel in distress now a princess without a castle and not even bothered about the coming princes for you are so composed and independent woman. Perhaps you are not a princess, rather the ultimate queen. Seeing you blossom endlessly all the beauty you have with you is a sight that I will never tire. I know that the path you are treading is hard and I can hear through your silence the sighs of giving in and the need of help, but still you keep them in silence. Let me be with you in this hardship, so that I can assist you with whatever it is that worries you. I promise I’ll keep this between us for issues may unpleasant issues may arouse and as I care deeply for you I cannot afford to put you into such issue. Keep fighting those battles and never give up for I will always have your back.


  • Don’t ask me how I can sense that there is  something that is troubling you; Don’t ask me how is it possible for someone who is so far away and distant can sense how heavy the weight is that you are carrying; Don’t ask me why there are things I can perceive beyond my reach when you should be the only one perceiving them. I can feel whatever it is that troubles your heart for the remnants of it repose in mine as if it is a graveyard of lost love. Needless to say, whatever it is you feel I feel them. I want to see you happy in life, even if I am not the reason for that happiness. Let your happiness not depend on the person doing the things for you, rather let them be the things that are done or has happened to you because you might always expect some things only happen when someone special comes across your life. Relish in the joy for things, events, and art, and don’t allow yourself to be happy only with a person who gives you all three for they can rob them anytime.


  • Rise and shine, dearest best friend, today marks the day of celebration of nothing really but I feel like celebrating the glory of today with you so let us enjoy dinner together for I got to make sure that your appetite is keeping up with your brilliant smile. By the way there is no need for you to rush your way in preparing yourself for I am very familiar with the hours that it takes you to prepare yourself just to look beautiful even though we used to date like a thousand times already, the hours of preparation don’t seem to be reducing at all. I will be in your apartment after my shift which ends at seven. After dinner we could hop on clubs because I feel like being young tonight so I hope your liver’s prepare for loads of alcohol.


  • Could things be more beautiful once broken and now rebuilt into a better version? First of all I want to say how sorry I am that our relationship had an obvious end there was nothing that we can do about it for we both know that no matter how hard we fight for it we would still end up defeated and even more broken. I have broke your heart and so have you with mine. I know that we can no longer repeat what we truly cannot have no matter how much we wish it to happen, but I wish to compensate all my shortcomings by making you happy by means of friendship for I cannot live a healthy life without you in it. We can now draw our lines and of course as much as we care about the other I know that we will not cross these lines. I hope you’re doing good and recover fast, but if you’re having trouble with recovering then I can help you in any way possible so please allow me to do so because you are the only person in this world deserving of my care and its extras.


  • I am so happy that we have realized that the two of us cannot work out as lovers anymore due to some reasons that both of us cannot just compromise even if we have been together for more than a decade now. But, surely, this does not mean that I will stop exerting effort in the things that I do for you because doing these acts that makes you smile makes my day complete already. So I will still take care of you whenever I can and look out for you every time until you find the mister right who can keep up with the things that I couldn’t. You will be that someone in my life which will be forever in the keeping of my heart where the fear from the threat of time is proven ineffective.


  • Times have turned into so vast a degree that is beyond what a human mind can conceive. Our relationship may have come to an unpleasant end but I can’t seem to get rid of my feelings for you and these feelings are what makes me a better person. I aspire to do the things that you cherish with joy, even if you push them all away or me away. I can no longer be your boyfriend but I can be your friend who can take care of you when you don’t feel like taking care of the things, especially yourself, when you should be. If ever you will find the right guy I swear I won’t be troubled if he really treats you how a woman should be treated, instead I will be happy if you end up being happy with the guy who gives you the contentment I cannot give.


  • Relationships die early than expected or wanted but the soul that is love of those relationships sometimes lasts and dies only by means of forgetting the significance of it as a knight’s sword turns rusty when never used. We have allowed our relationship to die for there is nothing left worth living and fighting for considering how messed up we were in that time, but I refuse to let my love die for I dread the feeling ridding you from my circle when you were all good to me. I want to still take good care of you and look after you even if it pains my heart to see you happy in the embrace of your next lover. I no longer have the heart to keep you away from so stay close and let me help you with things that you can’t do alone.


  • In the scenes of my depression I have come to an profound point that just because we have ended our relationship it does not mean that I can no longer do good things for you to make you happy by means of settling with the status of friendship. All  I want is to see you happy in whatever you do so that pit would bring everyone around you happiness as well no matter how much hatred reigns over the different regions of the earth. If chanced that I get to see your smile in person once more I can only imagine how lucky I am to met someone so dear to me, even if telling you this breaks my heart a little now compared to when the wounds were fresh. My only wish for you is that may you never lose your interest in doing what you are passionate about, especially when someone convinces you your interest is devoid of significance.


  • All eyes are blinded to see the love we have echoes between us for they only see the cold end of our relationship, especially the eyes of the cynics who only feasts in the end of everything that is considered a beauty to the world. There is something in the love of our relationship that I refuse to let go for I have learned many a thing from it. Do not mistaken me, I present you this letter with sheer acceptance that the relationship we had was something not destined to be, rather this is to let you know that you have impacted my life significantly that I know better now than before when I thought I already know everything. I am grateful that I put up with you, and I think it’s best you know that my time and effort invested on you was never a waste. I hope you have a great day!


  • Love was really something that slipped into our hands when we thought we could make it last forever y forcing ourselves and, thus, hurting us greatly in the end. I regretted that I committed into a relationship with my best friend and not letting go when it was time to let go, for this have hurt you more than anything else. You know how it kills me to see you being hurt by anyone, how much more if I am the one who has inflicted you into feeling a merciless pain. I wish the end of our relationship is just a wake up call to us that we cannot be together as husband and wife, rather just best of friends. So please become my best friend once more and let’s do best friend’s stuff together like we used to.


  • Shakespeare was right all along when he wrote those tragic love stories for there are forces in this universe that is stronger than self-proclaimed strongest love one had. I came to realize that this is necessary for us to know what is there to lose when something ends and, sadly enough, second chances are not for everyone to be given. I know fully well that I am that person who is not deserving your second chance at all. I want to tell you how lucky I am in this lifetime that I had some time to share with you and that was long enough for me to enjoy it, although I can’t help myself but continue to imagine the possibilities of how everything would have turned out if we were still together. I hope you have learned something in me, too, that makes you become a better person in welcoming the next lover of your life. Take care and farewell.


  • I am never really the guy who writes something out when something troubles my petty heart, but maybe it takes a you to make me do this action for the agony that the sadness that you are showered with is far to much for my heart to bear the imagination. The reason that I left you is for your own good for I cannot afford to see you being bound with me who only brings you trouble. Trouble follows me wherever I go and I truly want to protect you from it. Honest to goodness, I am hurting every night that I am deprived of sleep just by thinking how happy your future would be without me in it. Anyway, I am really grateful that we happened for there were good changes in me that I really though could never happen to me. You have changed me into a better person now, and as a way of compensating that I will set unlock your chains to me and set you free because I love you that much.

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