I Love You Messages for Grandma

Grandmothers are one of the reason why the words smile and happiness are invented. We just can’t deny that a grandmother’s love is unique in such a way that we cannot afford to think about losing them so soon. There are many ways in expressing your love towards your grandmother and telling¬†I love you to them without saying I love you. A phrase like “your coffee’s ready, grandma.” is already one way of saying I love you.

This article offers various versions of I love you to let your grandma feel your love towards her and this may even brighten her day. Since grandmothers prefer the ancient ways of delivering sweet messages then you may print these I love you messages in a card or uttered by mouth, they will definitely appreciate these messages.

  • Hello, granny, I had the dishes washed for you because I hate seeing you physically tired. Please don’t worry about the household chores for today because I have completed half of it and I’m most determined to finish everything before I get going to my parents house. Make sure to rest for today, alright?
  • Grandma, thank you so much for filling my stomach and for giving me a big amount of cash even ¬†though I don’t really need it. I really appreciate your concern about me, grandma. Please don’t skip a meal in a day.
  • I’ve never been more grateful for having the best grandma who takes care of my appetite and my concerns when my parents are not around.
  • The cake you baked for me yesterday was never shared with the family members for it was really exquisite and deserves not to be shared by other tummies. Besides you, as my favorite reason for my short visits, your cake is what I always look forward to.
  • I went to the mall yesterday and found these pink sleepers on fifty percent sale and thought of you. I know you will love it grandma so please wear them.
  • I wore the sweater you knitted for me yesterday and received a lot of compliments from teachers and students, and honest to goodness I told them with pride that you made it for me. Thank you so much, grandma, for this.

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