I Love You Whatsapp Messages

WhatsApp is a popular platform for exchanging free text messages, sharing images and videos and communicating with friends and loved ones from across continents.  People exchange all kinds of conversations and messages through WhatsApp and one of these kinds are the I love you WhatsApp messages.

Such messages are exchanged between lovers to express their love and share their heartfelt feelings. A few samples of I love you WhatsApp messages are given below and can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample I love you WhatsApp messages:

  • Loving you is something which comes naturally to me. I love everything about you my beautiful girlfriend. I love your long flowing hair and the shine of your eyes. I love the way you talk and how you smile.
  • I love you my dear boyfriend. I am missing you terribly today on this rainy afternoon. Wish you were here with me.
  • When the stars come up, I miss you. When the sun shines bright, I think of you. When the sun goes down and twilight comes, I wish you were with me. What is happening to me? Am I in love? Yes, I am.
  • I love you so much that I could go snatch the stars from the sky and cross the largest of seas just to see your face once. I miss you my love. Please come back to me.
  • Our love is like a wonderful flower which started being a little bud and then grew into a big large colorful thing. The colors of our relationship are just too good to be true. Is this real or am I dreaming?
  • I love you dear Jonathan. I can’t even spend one day apart from you. Please come home early tonight as I can’t wait anymore to see you.
  • Ever since you have gone away, my heart misses you and wishes you were here with me in my arms. Our love is so beautiful that even one moments spent apart is like years.
  • I am writing to tell you that I am deeply, madly and crazily in love with you, your heart and everything you do. If you accept my love, please reply to this message.
  • I will wait for you to accept my love, no matter how many years it takes for you to be convinced. If you find me worthy enough for you, I will be here, waiting to hug you and tell you I love you.

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