Love Feeling Messages

Love feeling messages are the messages that are written with the deepest feelings of love and are sent to the loved ones to shower your love on him/her.

These messages must be framed in such a manner so that it conveys the true feelings of the sender and must be full of loving and caring words.

Sample Love Feeling Messages

  • Love is the bond that dwells between two hearts. Love is when you and your partner cannot stay apart. Love is that beautiful feeling when you adore someone; love is a feeling of joys, bliss, togetherness and fun.
  • To love someone is a beautiful feeling. To be loved by someone is a divine blessing.
  • The feeling of love is a blend of liveliness and sadness. Love is at its best when you are able to express.  May the feeling of love lasts forever, may you and your loved one have a brightest future.
  • Love is that special feeling when you think about a person each day and each night. Love is the emotion that makes us feel so happy and bright. If you wish to convey your love to someone, just write – “I love you and I want to hold you tight”.
  • Nobody knows what love is until they find their loved one. Love is when you realise that there are many wonderful days that are yet to come.
  • No feeling is as pure as the feeling of being loved. Love is a bond that is built with care and trust. May you be filled with everlasting love, may you be blessed with the blessings from above.

[blockquote]This feeling of love is hard to express. It is the feeling of extreme happiness. I love you in my purest way and I will love you till my last day.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]I never knew what love is unless I found you. You have exposed me to this feeling that is so true. Everything appears so merrier and new because I am deeply in love with you.[/blockquote]

  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]The feeling of love is a blend of happiness and sadness, made from the Lord above. I feel blessed to have you my by side because I can hold you so close day and night.[/notice]
  • Nothing is this appealing than the love feelings. Thanks a lot for entering my life and be such a lovely wife. I love you and I really do.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]Do you know what is love? It is the world’s most beautiful feeling, blessed by the GOD above.[/notice]

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