Love Messages For Friends

Love messages can be exchanged amongst friends, family members, lovers or the relatives. Love messages for friends are the messages that are exchanged amongst the friends to tell them that they are loved and valued.

These messages can be of many types such as humorous, emotional, serious or romantic love messages. The messages are framed and sent in an attractive manner.

Sample Love Messages For Friends

[blockquote]Dear friend, time will always fly, but our love for each other will never die. I love you today, I love you tomorrow and I will love you even when I will be high.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]You are my friend, who will take me to the end. I am sure you will not let me bend while we will happily sail through the end. This is the reason I love you and yes I really do.[/blockquote]

  • If someone will ask me to chose amongst you and my girlfriend, I will pick you my dear friend. You are the first love of my life and I do not care if she would be my wife. I love you dear friend.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]I love all those twinkling stars in the sky, but not as much as the twinkling of your eye. You are my one true friend, who I will never leave in spite of fewer bends. I love you![/notice]

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