Love Short Messages for Boyfriend

Love short messages for boyfriend are the short messages wherein a girl is addressing her boyfriend and expresses her feelings and emotions of love. These messages are generally sent through the medium of SMS, instant messaging services or even greeting cards.

The length of these messages must be kept as short and precise as possible. A few examples of such messages are provided below for reference.

Sample Love Short Messages for Boyfriend

  • The day you came into my life, this amazing journey began and hope that it never ends. You are the best my dear, loving boyfriend.
  • Today I want to let you know that I will always be with you, no matter what I have to give up. For every price that I have to pay will be short in front of the happiness you give me.
  • They say love is amazing but it also painful. After little time with you I have realised that the pain is very small insignificant part of the love that we share.
  • There is no greater joy than being with the one that you love and I am so happy that I am able to share my life with you. Love you babe.
  • Dear boyfriend, even the thought of you brings an instant smile to my face. I am so lucky to have you and to cherish all through my life.
  • Love, love, love- my heart sings and flies every moment of my existence just knowing that I have someone like you with me. I am truly blessed.
  • To the purest heart that ushers me with the truest love that exists. I love you my dear and this love will go on forever.
  • The fight we had in the morning kept me upset for a while but soon I realised that the fights are also an expression of love. I love you baby, love you loads.
  • One of the best part of being in a relationship with someone as loving as you is that ‘he’ is always there for ‘me’. Love you and thank you for being here.
  • Through all the fights we have, all the sorrows we share and the troubles we face. I pray to god that we always stay together sharing this love.
  • Meeting you has instilled my belief that there is someone who is made to love for each and every one of us. Thankfully I have found mine; I will never let you go.

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