New Year Love Messages for Him

The day of the year when people welcome a new beginning and a new start with open arms is New Years’ day.   New Year love messages for him are those types of messages which a girl writes to wish her boyfriend on the occasion of New Year.

These messages must be have an undertone of love and romance and must be used to convey good wishes to the one you love.A few examples of New Year love messages for him have been provided below for the reference of one and all.

Sample New Year Love Messages for Him

  • Dear Fred, you have made my life so amazing just by being in it. Every day is special with you but the occasion of New Year is definitely much more special. I love you a lot and want to wish you a very happy and joyous new year.
  • As the time for New Year draws near. As the world gets ready to bid this year goodbye, I wish to express to you how much I love you and that I cannot imagine this year without you. Happy new year to the most loving boyfriend in the world. Let’s make this New Year rocking.
  • New Year is a beautiful time to be with family and friends but what really makes my new year special is the fact that I have you in my life. I promise to be by your side this New Year and love you more with each passing day. Happy New Year sweetheart.
  • Here’s wishing a very happy new year to you dear boyfriend. Let’s make a pact to love and respect one another and never leave each others’ side. God bless our relationship.
  • I love you a lot dear Tim and I promise to love you till the very end. As the New Year draws closer, I want to confess that I wish to marry you and spend all the future new years with you.
  • This New Year comes as a new opportunity for us to water our love and continue being a lovely couple. May you have a lovely year ahead and reach all your goals.
  • The last year has been splendid with you and this New Year too should be as good with your presence. Happy New Year dear boyfriend.
  • I wish you a very happy new year dear Jack. May you always be happy.

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