Sweet Love Messages for Friends

Sweet love messages for friends are those messages that are sent by a friend to another to show feelings of love and affection.  The tone of these messages is very informal and conveys emotional bonding between the friends. These types of messages can be sent through sms, cards, emails or social networking sites.

Sweet Love Messages for Friends

Sample Sweet Love Messages for Friends

  • Your friendship means the world to me as there is no one who is so close to me my dear friend.
  • The melody of our friendship is so good that it will keep humming in our lives at all times.

[blockquote]Love and friendship is sometimes mistaken but the fact is there is no love without friendship and vice-versa.[/blockquote]

  • God created friends to make us understand how worthy we are for having got the love of our life from this one relationship.
  • Friendship is the only relationship that has no boundaries attached to it just as you give me your unconditional love my dear friend.
  • A friend like you is the biggest treasure of my life that makes me feel like the richest man on earth.
  • Friendship is like those little stars that shine in the glory of life with the brightness spread by one another.
  • It becomes easy to trust and to cry out loud when there is a trusted friend like you.

[notice noticeType=”info” ]You are a friend who has made me smile in toughest of situations and made me realize the essence of life. Thanks and lots of love to my best friend.[/notice]

  • You are such a friend in the journey of my life where I wish that the road never comes to an end ever in my life.
  • Even I always have someone’s company what I long for is just your company. You are the only one I love the most in my life my friend.

[blockquote]When we are together we fight too much and we are away from each other we brood too much and it is this special love that keeps our friendship going Oh! friend.!![/blockquote]

  • When I was sad I asked god to bless me with love and here he has sent you to be my best friend.
  • Real friendship is like early morning which though lasts only for some time will come back the next day without fail.
  • Our friendship is like the garden full of flowers that always makes other happy.

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