Sweet Love Messages for Lovers

Sweet messages for lovers are the head which is set to include all the messages that are written from one lover to another. The theme of such a message may be anything from simply expressing ones love, to letting one know that they are being missed or any other feeling or thought that the sender wants to convey to the receiver.

Sample Sweet Love Messages for Lovers

  • There is nothing I would not do for you and this lovely relationship that we both share. I am so lucky to have you in my life as someone who loves me and takes care of me like no other.
  • Your love is what keeps me going through this otherwise mundane, boring and static world that we all live in. I hope that I am also able to do for you all that you do for me, to give at least as much love as you have given me all through this relationship.
  • My love for you grows with every moment of the day, my heart earns for you every moment of the day and my eyes pray to see you happy every moment of the day. This is how I spend all of my day, thinking about you, loving you and praying for you.
  • Before I met you I did not really believe in love, but since the day you walked into the office I knew there was so much more to life. And I was right, you have added many, many colours to my life and made it more beautiful than ever imagined it to be.
  • There will be times when I won’t be as prompt in replying to your messages, there will be times when I will be delayed in meeting your needs or expectations, but I want you to know that none of this means that I have forgotten you. Because forgetting you means forgetting myself.
  • I may be away from you for work or other reasons, and you may miss me. But in all such moments all that you need to do is look inside your heart and you will always find me there. I love you babe.
  • Being in love with you is the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced. It is beautiful, it is kind and it brings you closer to my heart and my mind. I love you so, so much my dear husband. You are truly amazing and rocking.

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