Different Types of Text Messages

There are many types of text messages that can be sent and exchanged between people.

The purpose and the content of these messages depend upon the sender and the purpose. Such text messages can be sent to people as the SMS messages, email messages, card messages etc.

Different Types of Text Messages

1) Business Messages: These are the messages that are used most commonly for business purposes such as to inform an employee for his duties, schedule business meetings or other such business communicational purposes.

2) Formal Messages: These are the official messages that are framed in a professional manner, using a formal tone to be sent and exchanged between people linked through a business circle, an organization or for any other formal use.

3) Informal Messages: [blockquote]These messages are written and framed in a very casual and informal manner. Such messages are further divided into other messages such as birthday informal messages, party invitation messages etc.[/blockquote]

4) Greeting Messages: These messages are sent when you wish to send greetings and good wishes to a person. Such messages can be both formal as well as informal messages.

5) Condolence Messages: [blockquote]These messages are also called as sympathetic messages. Such messages are sent to sympathize and console a person who has lost his or her loved one.[/blockquote]

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