Examples of Break-Up Text Messages

Break-up or relationship break-up simply means end or termination of an intimate relationship. This is sometimes referred as “dumping someone”.

Break-up text messages are the messages that are sent and exchanged between two people who have thought of terminating their relationship.

These messages might be exchanged between lovers, couples, and friends or sometimes between the relatives. The tone of these messages depends upon the sender and is generally either too soft or too rude.

Break-up text messages are mainly sent as the SMS messages but can also be sent as the written text messages or through an email.

Given Below are Some of the Examples of Break Up Text Messages:

[blockquote] I am so happy that I am getting rid of you. I deeply regret that I loved you. Now when I hate you, I want to live my life alone all through. Get lost and I never want to see your face ever.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]This is my last message to you. It tells you that I simply hate you. It was stupid of me to love such a mean and a dishonest person as you. Please go away and let happiness come my way.[/blockquote]

  •  What hurts to me the most is that I can no longer say “I love you”. All what I can really say is “I lost you”. Few days have made a difference in my life; I was always in this notion that I would be your wife.
  •  [notice noticeType=”info” ]It was so easy for you to say to me that I should forget you. How can you forget the times when I said I love to you? I wish my life could end really soon. I hate you![/notice]
  • I never asked anything from you, but your love. I always thought that we will always stay together and would be blessed by GOD above. I am so happy that we are breaking up, now is the time that I should wake up.

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