Top 10 Romantic Proposal Ideas

Top 10 romantic proposal ideas are the ideas that will turn any marriage proposal into an unforgettable memory.

These kinds of proposals are sure to forever be treasured by your loved one and she or he will be proud to share the story with friends or family over the years.

If you plan to impress your beloved one in a romantic way, here are the top 10 romantic ideas to propose.

1. A night of Romance

A night of romance

The no.1 on the top 10 romantic proposal ideas is obviously a romantic night. Prepare her a rose petal bath, chocolate strawberries and champagne, offer her the time of her life and propose in this amazing setting. This is the kind of proposal all women dream of.

2. Christmas Time

Christmas time

Christmas is surely one of the most romantic occasions to propose. Hide the ring inside a Christmas gift box and place it under the tree. Christmas will surely become even more special.

3. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt

Write the proposal message on a piece of paper and hide it around the house. Challenge her to find it telling her it is a surprise. Use “hot” or “cold” to help her and have the ring ready for when she finds the proposal.

4. While She Sleeps

While she sleeps

Slip the ring on her finger and wake her up with breakfast in bed. Make sure you have champagne and strawberries around. She will surely remember that morning as the most romantic one in her life.

5. Snowman Proposal

Snowman proposal

Make a snowman in the yard and make it hold a large enough banner that says” Will you marry me” for her to see from inside the house. When she comes out to see better put your knee down and offer her the ring.

6. Her Favorite Flowers

Her favorite flowers

You can always depend on flowers. Buy her, her favorite flowers and attach the ring to the note. Make sure you are around when she receives the bouquet.

7. Write on the Sky

Write on the sky

You can never go wrong with a classic romantic proposal idea. Hire somebody to write the message on the sky and make sure she is out in an open space to see it.

8. YouTube Video

Film yourself while proposing and upload the video on YouTube. Mail her the link and tell her you found something unbelievable for her to watch.

9. Surprise Dessert

Surprise dessert

Invite her to dinner at a restaurant she loves. Ask the chef to write “will you marry me on the plate” with chocolate or fruit sauce on her dessert plate and replace the dessert with a mock cupcake having the ring as centerpiece.

10. Flash Mob

Flash Mob

Use the internet and social networks and organize a flash mob. Ask them to sing the song both of you treasure as your own, or her favorite song. When the act is over you can “appear” too and offer the ring.

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