Emotional Messages for Whatsapp

Emotional messages for WhatsApp are those messages that have an emotional tone and are sent using WhatsApp to friends, dear ones and relatives. These messages should be crisp, meaningful, touching and warm. They should not only convey the emotional feeling to the recipient but also make a warm and hearty statement.

The emotional messages can be sent to friends as a quote, or to a loved person as a beautiful way to express the feelings you have. They could just serve as a share with your WhatsApp group members.

Sample Emotional Messages for whatsapp

  • Sometimes the dark skies look so dark and laden that we cannot see the silver lining behind the clouds. Have faith and look beyond the clouds!
  • Beyond the bridges we build for ourselves, lie the green meadows and the beautiful rainbow.
  • Sometimes all you need is a look that say I understand, and you are out of the doubts that surround.
  • The one who loves you truly will make time to be with you no matter what; unlike the one who will make only excuses.
  • When life has dealt its final blow and you lay crouched on the ground, battling between the urge to give up or start afresh, look up to the heaven. You will find Him there with new hopes and fresh aspirations!
  • Dewdrops fall like tears from the eyes

Winds freeze my heart and I feel I could die

Missing you like the moth misses the moon

I wait for the time that I will get your sight.

  • Change is inevitable. Your reaction to it is your option.
  • The day you decide to change your pace, expect the change in me as I walk away; cause though you may want to revisit old haunts, you will see that I am no more where you want.
  • Come what may, never give up. You never know what treasure you may find at the next turning.
  • Remember when you are down, that the swing comes up after the lowest point and the night is darkest just before dawn.
  • No problem is so big that it cannot be solved. You just need to keep your eyes unclouded by tears to be able to see the solution.
  • Respect yourself and see the world follow suit.
  • Create a garden for yourself that no one can enter. Tend this garden with care and nurture it with your love. This will be your haven when the rest of the world looks bleak.

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