Emotional Relationship Messages

Emotional relationship messages are the wishes in which the sender pours their heart out for the receiver. These are the emotional words that could be sent to anyone be it the husband, wife, lover, parents or friend. The emotional messages must have a soft tone and personal touch.

Words have to be selected very carefully while drafting these messages. These messages can be sent through an email, sms, and e-card or can also be posted on the social media platforms of the receiver. Pick up the best of the words and let the feelings of the heart take the correct form of these messages.

Sample Emotional Relationship Messages

[blockquote]The distances between us do not allow, or else I wish to hug you right now. Staying away from you has made me very weak, or else I wish to hug you and kiss you on your cheek. I wish you try and understand so that we can again hold each other’s hands.[/blockquote]

  • This loss of yours is very big, but gathers all your courage and carry on. Life is a journey which never stops, move on and time will slowly heal up all the wounds.

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]My feelings for you are very true, hope you understand my love for you. The relationships are the boat build up with the wood of patience and perseverance. Let’s not lose it, because these distances and misunderstanding can be resolved with love and care.[/notice]

  • May you prosper in each step of your life and attain bountiful of success and accomplishments.
  • Life is a journey and people walk on the trail of this journey, but you have always been running on this road. Your fighter spirits have always been inspiring others.
  • Feelings and emotions have always been the roots for man to get joy and happiness. May God give you all the bliss and glee? I would always admire seeing you getting loads of accomplishments and victory. May you always be happy?

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]Waiting for you makes me feel miserable, but dancing with you makes me merry. A life deprived of you is useless, but with you it is always a saga of cheerfulness. The celebration is not due to any occasion, but our togetherness itself gives us all the reason to commemorate.[/notice]

  • My mind goes crazy without you; my entire existence is shaken up when you are not around. You are my soul mate you are my hero, you are the only one that I have got. Thank you for being with me forever and ever.

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