Funny Halloween Messages

Halloween is celebrated with a lot of energy and enthusiasm all over the world, especially in western countries. This day is generally associated with costumes, parties and lighting up pumpkins.  But another thing which commonly happens on the day of Halloween is the exchange of Halloween messages.

Funny Halloween messages are those messages which are used to wish someone a happy Halloween and that too in a funny way or tone. For your reference and help, a few examples and samples of funny Halloween messages are given below.

Sample Funny Halloween Messages:

  • You do not need the day of Halloween is dress up and look like a ghost. You look like that all year round. But nevertheless, I would like to wish you a very happy Halloween and a superb year ahead.
  • The day of Halloween is associated with seeing a lot of people dressed up like witches, ghosts and vampires. But I am so lucky to have you guys who make me feel like Halloween is there on each day of the year. Cheers friends and happy Halloween to each one of you.
  • Halloween is here, so put that make up off my dear girlfriends and spread your hair all over. Let’s look like witches and let’s look like ghosts. Let’s scare one and all and be our real selves. Happy Halloween!
  • Halloween is that one day of the year when I see my wife in her true colors and shades. She doesn’t need to hire a costume but just needs to apply no makeup in the morning. Cheers friends and wish you a very scary Halloween with your wives.
  • Halloween doesn’t always need to be about scary costumes and sweets. It can also be about the even scarier you and the bitter me. You and I indeed make a lovely pair. Happy Halloween husband.
  • Wish you all a very happy Halloween and a truly very scary day! May you all meet ghosts and have a little thrill in life.
  • When you spot a ghost on your way back home, don’t be scared. Take the ghost home, marry it and spend the rest of the life like that (just like I did when I married my wife). Good Luck friends and happy Halloween.
  • Halloween is my favorite day of the year because only on this day do I get to dress up and scare my friends. Hope to do the same this year too.

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