Funny Messages for Whatsapp

Whatsapp has become a regular medium of communication with plenty messages available for forwarding to friends and dear ones. Most of them being funny, we often fail to choose the best for our friends. Here are some best funny messages for whatsapp that will surely break the recipient into hilarious laughter.

Whatsapp messages should be short, crisp, funny one liners that reflect your wit and bring humour to the situation instantly. Below given are some samples of funny messages for Whatsapp.

Sample Funny Messages for Whatsapp

  • Dear Birds, can we just put the concert on hold till about 9 in the morning instead of starting it at 4 am? I am trying to sleep!
  • Let me hibernate today! Do not disturb me. I am preparing for expedition Monday!
  • Best friends understand your every mood. They even understand that your wanting to snooze at home is an excuse for them to come and attack your well stocked freezer.
  • Yes I just cracked a joke. Now hit that smiley before everyone understands you did not get the joke, and follow it with an emoticon with the tongue out.
  • Don’t just stare at the picture I sent you. It is not yours. It is meant to be a joke. Forward it to as many friends as you can so that they all will think you are as smart as me.
  • LOL! LOLZ! : P! :D! Thank God for these words when I have no other words to express anything!
  • Friends are like the water heater in your bathroom. The right amount of warmth will comfort you and just a little bit more will scald you. Get the message? Now stay away and ping me only after this Sunday is over!
  • I just sent you my picture. Did you feel anything? Shall I send it again, since they say love at first sight doesn’t last?
  • Wife: Oh you are home early. Shall we go out for dinner? Husband: No, my boss told me to go to hell and stay there.
  • The day has just begun and I am hung on one word… you my love have poked me and pinned me up on the wall.
  • “Why? Why? Why? The public owes an explanation from you!” Arnab Goswami to the vegetable vendor when the ladies fingers are sold out.
  • We girls are like phones – good to hold onto and speak loving words but once you press the wrong button, you shall be promptly disconnected my friend!

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