Halloween Card Messages

Halloween card messages are the types of messages which a person uses to wish another person a happy Halloween. These messages are sent through the means of a greeting card or a card with flowers or gifts. The message must wish the recipient in brief and should be limited only to a few sentences.

Halloween card message are of many types, depending upon the kind of tone you wish to send it in – funny, happy, romantic etc. a Few examples and samples of Halloween card messages are provided below and can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Halloween Card Messages:

  • Just like a ghost, you can have been haunting my dreams,

You have been spooking my mind and playing with my visions

You scare me, frighten me and leave me speechless

Only joking… happy Halloween to you

  • A knock on the door and a smelly wind inside my window, they scare me just like you do-every Halloween.  Please be kind to me this Halloween and dress in a less scary outfit. Hope you have a good one!
  • I’ll eat your body parts and suck your blood, when I dress like a vampire this Halloween

So don’t make the mistake of inviting anyone it, because I am good at disguise. Happy Blood draining Halloween.

  • Halloween is a time when ghosts come out, witches are spotted flying on their brooms and vampires come out of the woods to cities. So stay in, stay protected and don’t get out unless you have to come to my party. Happy Halloween.
  • During the scary day of Halloween, please don’t go out with your hair spread and your eyes red. People have higher tendencies to get scared, so please spare them. Only kidding-wish you a great Halloween day my dear friend.
  • I remember last year’s Halloween when you scared me till my bones. Please do not try to come close to me and better stay away. You are already a little creepy and Halloween only brings out your best gray shades. Kidding! Happy Halloween to you.
  • May you meet a few zombies, may you meet a few ghosts

May you get scared a little, may you get your bones roast.

Don’t mind, I am wishing these things only because it is Halloween


  • Here’s wishing a very happy Halloween to my best friend and the only ghost in my life. May god bless you.

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