Halloween Greeting Card Messages

Halloween greeting cards are those kinds of greeting cards which are used by people to greet someone on the occasion of Halloween and send across their wishes. Such greeting cards can be sent to anyone and may consist of different types of messages like funny Halloween messages, romantic Halloween messages etc.

All these messages are collectively known as Halloween greeting card messages. If you wish to send a message to someone on this occasion, you can take the reference of the following given samples of Halloween greeting card messages.

Sample Halloween Greeting Card Messages:

  • The night is dark, the airy is breezy,

Something burns in the distant and a wolf barks loud

Don’t be scared, it’s just a regular day of Halloween

Wishing you all a very happy Halloween day!

  • When ghosts ride the air and the witches take to their brooms

When the lights get dimmer and people dress in costumes

Halloween it is, you must know and celebrate it till your doom.

Happy Halloween friends

  • May this year’s Halloween take away all evil from your life and may it burn the ghosts of the past. Wishing you and your family a superb day of Halloween and a lovely year ahead.
  • When evil is round us and zombies are ready to attack,

When ghosts take the roads and witches take the air,

When the air smells of flesh and the streets are red with blood

It is nothing but a day of Halloween so get dressed and party hard!

  • Twinkle twinkle little witch

How I wonder what you wish

Do you wish to suck my blood?

Or would you be satisfied with another dish?

  • To all those who love the scary and the horror,

To all those who love blood sucking vampires and the nasty witches

Here’s wishing a very thrilling day of Halloween.

  • To all my friends John, Patricia and Nathan, I would like to wish you a very happy Halloween and a superb year ahead of you. May you bury your demons and bid goodbye to the evil inside you on this day.
  • When you hear a sound on the door and a smell in the air,

When you see a shadow outside the window and noises down the street,

Know that it is the day of Halloween.

Wishing you a very happy, fun and thrilling Halloween.

  • From deep inside my heart, wish you a lovely day of Halloween.

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