Halloween Messages for Friend

Halloween is that one day which everyone in western nations looks forward to. This is the day when people dress up in costumes and hold parties and dinners.  To wish someone on the day of Halloween is a traditional ritual and the best way to do so is to write and send a Halloween message.

A Halloween message for friend is a type of a message which a person writes to wish his/her friend on the day and occasion of Halloween. A few examples of such messages have been provided below for all those who need any reference.

Sample Halloween Messages for Friend.

  • The day or evil and terror is near,

May you celebrate it with everyone who is dear

Be dressed in a scary costume, let me make it clear

So put on a smile and say good bye to your fear

Here’s wishing you a very happy Halloween dear friend.

  • May this Halloween be the scariest Halloween for you. May you enjoy each thrill, each shrill and all the fun around and May you be lucky to spot a ghost in your closet.
  • Skeletons are running towards you, black cats are chasing you,

It’s not safe to go out because blood thirsty creatures are wooing you.

So stay indoors and enjoy your Halloween! Have fun.

  • From sweets to scary costumes and from pumpkins to parties, Halloween is surely the best day of the year. Hope you enjoy this day a lot my friend. Happy Halloween.
  • The pumpkin was laughing at me,

A black cat crossed my path.

Am I in danger or is it just Halloween?

Happy Halloween to john, jack and Andrew.

  • You may run from it, you may hide,

You may close your eyes and close your ears,

But the fear inside you, how will it subside?

Enjoy the fun and don’t be scared of it this Halloween

Wishing you a great Halloween day.

  • I look forward to this day all year, when ghosts are common man and witches are all over the place. I look forward to the festive Halloween always. May you enjoy it as much as I do!
  • Find yourself a place to hide, when the ghost will arrive

Wear warm clothes as the shrill will make you go cold

Beware of the ghost that follows and the evil that fills the streets

Beware of my pranks because it is Halloween eve! Happy Halloween to you.

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