Halloween Text Messages

Halloween is a very awaited and celebrated festival and occasion which is especially celebrated very well in the western or catholic countries.  People exchange gifts, messages and organize Halloween parties on this day. Halloween text messages are those messages which a person sends to another to wish him/her a happy Halloween.

These messages are generally very brief, precise and do not go beyond a few sentences. If you wish to send someone a Halloween text message, you can take help of the following examples and samples provided.

Sample Halloween text messages:

  • At this spooky day of the year, when all the black cats hiss,

May god bless you with love, luck and happiness and all the sadness gives you a miss!

Happy Halloween my friend.

  • If you hear something knock on the window, don’t be scared-it’s just a branch,

If you hear someone crawl, don’t be scared-it’s just a rat.

Its Halloween for sure, but zombies won’t attack.

Happy Halloween.

  • When spook is all around us and the world seems a little darker,

When one eyed humans surround you and scary thoughts are on a platter,

Look around, it is not hell but only a Halloween day regular.

Happy Halloween to everyone.

  • Blood thirsty monsters are out on the street looking for you,

Creepy little things are hunting in packs

Vampires suck blood and werewolves are attacking humans

Do not invite them in as they will drain you

Happy Halloween.

  • May this Halloween be spooky, may it be scary

May witches find you, may vampires make you teary

Enjoy each bit of it, because it’s Halloween my friend. Happy day!

  • Can’t wait to meet you and drain the blood out of you,

Because I am a vampire today and I am really thirsty!

Invite me in as I can’t get inside without your permission

But remember to pay for it later when you make your journey to the grave.

  • When I come to scare you, please pretend to be scared

When I put on my costume, please be frightened

As this is the first time I am celebrating Halloween and would love to eat a little bit of everyone.

  • Just like a ghost, I will haunt you in your dreams

I will spook your mind and take away your peace

I will be evil to you and feed on your blood

But not without wishing you a very happy Halloween first.

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