How to Write Break Up Messages

Break up messages are a part of life and love. They are messages which are sent by one partner to the other in order to bring an end to a relationship.

Since the issue is sensitive, break up messages must display enormous sensitivity and sensibility in order to be effective as well as cordial.

They are notoriously difficult to get right since one’s feelings are at stake. However, with a few points to remember, break up messages can be written in a manner that they are not hurtful. They can never be pleasant, but they can be civil and courteous.

[blockquote]Break up messages should never be rude even if there is a lot of angst at play. They should be civil and polite at all costs so that there is no unnecessary bad blood or souring of feelings between the couple.[/blockquote]

  • Break up messages must also give the reason for the break up as clearly as possible. It is only fair to the other person that he or she is provided with a logical, honest and clear reason for the termination of the relationship.
  • Break up messages must be short and direct. The longer they are, the more confused they tend to become. They should provide the message clearly and effectively and with no ambiguity. The recipient of the break up message deserves this consideration at this difficult time.
  • Break up messages must be carefully written and with a lot of consideration. They should also be dependent on the nature and temperament of the recipient. The news should be broken as gently as possible in order to spare, as much as possible, the other person’s emotions and feelings.

Thus, break up messages can be made a little easier to bear only by following certain considerations. They must be well thought out, and carefully constructed.

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