How to write Congratulation Messages

[blockquote]We congratulate people whenever someone has achieved something in their lives. Congratulation messages can be sent to just about anyone and can be for just about any achievement under the sun.[/blockquote]

From winning a school event to joining a new office or having a baby is reason enough for sending congratulation messages. But do you know how to write congratulation messages?

Writing Congratulation Messages is Actually Quite Simple. You need to remember the following:

  • Who: Who are you congratulating? Depending on the person, you can write in a formal or an informal tone. For example: if you are sending congratulation messages to your boss then you can choose a formal tone but if you are sending one to your friend then you can be informal and funny.
    Secondly, “who” also determines the type of salutations you will use. For example: If you are sending a message to a client then you can start with a Dear Mr. xyz but if you are sending congratulation messages to your school buddy then you can start as “hi Sam or Samantha” or “Howdy Vincent or Veronica”.
  • What: The second most important aspect is “what is the occasion?” If you know the occasion then it is easier to find words for congratulation messages.
  • Type of message: This is the third and most important aspect. Congratulation messages can be classified under different types like emotional messages, happy messages, funny messages, sarcasm, inspirational or motivational, or just a simple message.
    The type of message you write will depend on the relationship you share. For example: if you are writing to your boss then it can be a simple or an inspirational message but if you are writing to your girlfriend or wife then it can be an emotional, happy, or funny message or all of the three elements.

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