How to write Encouragement Messages

Messages of encouragement can do wonders to friends, family, and colleagues but do you know how to write encouragement messages? Writing a message of encouragement is not rocket science and can be mastered by just about anyone.

The most important thing is to be able to write a message that is clear, precise, and should be able to buoy someone’s spirits.

Messages of encouragement can make people feel good when they are actually down and also lets them know that you have been thinking about and care for them.

There are no crash courses in how to write encouragement messages but there are certainly a few elements that you can consider like:

  • Feeling: The most important part of an encouragement message is feeling. Feeling represents what you feel for the person to whom the message is addressed to. The depth of feeling would vary based on your relationship with the person.
    For example: you will feel more deeply for your sister or girlfriend than for a colleague or a Facebook friend. The feeling is at the center of everything and the right feeling would help you to create the right message.
    One of the best ways to show that you care is by sending handwritten messages instead of printed ones. Handwritten messages are considered to be very personal and hence its value will be much more.
  • Situation: The second most important element is the situation. Your encouragement message should be appropriate to the situation.
    For example: if your best friend failed an interview, you need to offer messages that will inspire him or her to prepare for the next interview rather than succumb to the feeling of defeat and pain.
    Your message should contain positive words like achieve, fight the feeling, there’s always another day, nothing is lost etc. Another important aspect is that your message should be from your heart and not “just for the sake”.

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