How to write Engagement Messages

Engagement is an occasion where two likeminded individuals come together to share a life together and if you are planning to wish a friend getting engaged then you need to know how to write engagement messages.

The most important thing is that this is an occasion that most love birds or future groom and bride are going to remember for a long time and your engagement message should make them feel special.

There are no hard and fast rules about how to write engagement messages but there are some elements that can help you to write better engagement messages like:

  • Simple wishes: Simplicity is above everything else, hence writing a simple engagement message will be more appropriate for the occasion. Of course, you can sprinkle some adjectives to accentuate the feel of the message but your efforts should be more towards keeping it simple and straight.
    For example: Wish you and Sam wonderful times ahead and hope the sun shines through your life and brightens each morning as if it were a new day. A message like this is simple, it is clear to understand, there are a few adjectives, and it is packaged neatly.
  • Wishes and Gifts: A second options is to choose a gift appropriate to the occasion and complement it with a nice engagement message. For example: if the bride or the groom is a very close friend then you can gift him or her with a gold pendant.
    The message should complement the occasion as well as the gift. An example message would be life: Wish you a happy engagement and pray that every day of your life shines brighter than gold and is filled with happiness forever. This type of message will reflect on the gift and at the same time is simple and straight from the heart!

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