How to write Farewell Messages

Saying goodbye to a friend and an old colleague is not easy and but the crux lies in knowing how to write farewell messages that will leave a lasting impression.

[blockquote]Farewell messages are normally sent to colleagues leaving an organization, friends leaving a city or college, friend or loved ones leaving the country etc.[/blockquote]

The primary element in separation and there is always the underlying fact that the separation could be permanent. In such a situation you need to know how to write farewell messages and what to write.

What to write in a farewell message will depend mostly on two things: who you are writing to and what type of farewell it is. The most important aspect that will help you to create farewell messages is to understand the type of farewell.

Type of Farewell: How to write farewell messages depends a lot on the situation. If you are saying goodbye to a friend who is leaving your organization and joining another in the same city then the message can be simple in words and feel.

For example: you can write – “heard you got a better job at abc. Wish you all the success in your career at abc and hope we can remain in touch even though the distance might seem more.” A message like this states, that it is not a permanent farewell situation.

Now if you had to write a farewell message for someone leaving town then it would be like: “I know life offers opportunities and you have got one that you shouldn’t miss.

I will pray for you and wish you the best in life and career and hope that you find your share of happiness! I will miss you!” This type of message has a permanent tone to it. So the bottom line is that you need to decide the type of farewell situation – temporary or permanent.

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