How to write Flirt Messages

Flirt messages are written by boys and girls when they want to show their interest in the other, not face to face but through words.

These flirty messages can be written in the form of text messages, mails, notes, cards and letters. A lot of people prefer to flirt on paper instead of face to face because it helps them get over their inhibitions and they feel more comfortable sharing their feelings.

Moreover, flirt messages add more excitement and creativity to normal conversations and make the relationship more interesting.

There are no fixed rules of writing flirt messages as the preferences and comfort levels differ from person to person. However, these steps can be followed to make an impression:

  • Be Yourself: Don’t just ape others or try to be something you are not as you will not be able to sustain it and he or she will see through the real you. Be true to your own personality and try to woo your lover through your charm and charisma,
  • Give Compliments: Any person loves compliments and while flirting it helps immensely if you appreciate a person’s looks and qualities. Your lover will feel flattered and admired but keep your compliments genuine and don’t exaggerate.
  • Comfort Level: [blockquote]Be attuned to what your lover likes and is comfortable with. Too many explicit flirty messages may make someone uncomfortable so you should frame your sentences depending on what he or she would like to hear.[/blockquote]
  • Use Sexy Jokes: Humour is always a great way of breaking the ice especially in flirting. Sexy jokes cut the tension and at the same time add some spice and laughter to an otherwise boring conversation.
  • Using Symbols, Smileys: Symbols like XOXO, XXX or other smileys make flirt messages cute but do not overdo it as it may make you appear clingy.

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